Home Again

I made it back to Birmingham yesterday afternoon about four p.m. I had flown from Casablanca to Paris Tuesday afternoon, spent the night there and then left about ten o’clock yesterday morning for the eight hour flight to Cincinnati. The last leg from Cincinnati took only an hour. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and the opportunity I had to keep you somewhat informed about what I saw and did, and I trust, to keep you at least mildly interested in what transpires in that part of the world.

On transoceanic flights the airlines attempt to keep the customers entertained or amused by providing personalized monitors which allow for individual choices in movies, music, flight location and information or even video games. Yesterday, the channel with flight information interspersed the maps and flight data with trivia questions and quotations for additional amusement. I saw one quote that I considered worth remembering, although I am nor certain to whom it should be attributed. “No one can give us wisdom. We must find it for ourselves after a journey, which no one can make for us, or spare us.”

I am uncertain as to whether I am any wiser having completed this latest journey. But I do appreciate your being a part of it. In fact, Denise and I plan to take another trip to Morocco in May of next year. We would like for some of you to think now about the possibility of accompanying us on that journey. We shall be providing some hard data on dates, itinerary and costs within the next few weeks. I hope that some of the things I have related might stir your interest enough that you would like to offer your own perspectives to your friends and family next year.

Thanks again for being a part of this.


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