Door to Door

This present iteration of our time in Morocco began Wednesday morning when we closed the front door of our home in Bluff Park. The Lyft taxi Denise had ordered arrived and displaced us to the airport the requested two hours before departure. The lead time allowed us to indulge ourselves in what has become a tradition; we treat ourselves to a pre-departure meal at Jim & Nick’s Barbecue. The time of our flight, scheduled at 11:50, meant this meal happened to be breakfast. I managed to find a breakfast item that included pulled pork.

Our itinerary took us to Detroit from Birmingham, and after a two hour layover, we boarded the Airbus A-300 for the eight hour flight to Paris. With the time change and delay, we departed about five pm EDT. The time difference between Paris and Detroit is six hours, so we witnessed the sunrise just an hour or so before our arrival at 7:30. Continue reading

Miracle in the Mountains

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 6.19.00 PMFriday and Saturday provided unique, inspirational experiences that made the frustration and fatigue we encountered in route to Casablanca seem as little more than minor annoyances. We traveled to a place we had never been, became friends with people we had never known, and participated in meaningful activities completely foreign to our 45 year history in North Africa. Continue reading