Istanbul – 1

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We are back in Morocco now after two weeks in Turkey and Kazakhstan. We spent four days in Istanbul and then a total of eight days in three different cities in Kazakhstan. That is exactly three more cities than I could have named in  Kazakhstan prior to our planning for this trip. Continue reading

Eventful Travel

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A friend e-mailed me Thursday expressing his wish that our trip from Birmingham to Morocco at the first of the week had been “uneventful.” In my reply to him I had to admit that it in fact had been quite the contrary, a situation that seems to be occurring more frequently in our travel over the past few years. I am uncertain as to whether we experience more difficulties since with advancing age we seem more challenged by events that now appear to provide formidable obstacles, or if changes in society and the travel industry, coupled with an attitude that seems to suggest less interest in providing good service combine to create scenarios that are often frustrating and annoying, producing what seem to be interminable delays. Continue reading

Little by Little

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The challenges we faced in getting from Birmingham to Morocco this trip appeared not too different from what many of you have experienced. Evidently my whining about our bad luck evoked memories in the travel history that many of you have that share similar characteristics. I appreciated the fact you empathized with us enough to email us. I decided to update you on what has occurred in the seven days or so since Wednesday of last week to let you know that things are getting better, little by little. Continue reading